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Warsztaty – Microelectronics and connectivity- Europe going forward

Zachęcamy Państwa do uczestnictwa w warsztatach organizowanych przez europejski projekt COREnect:
“Microelectronics and connectivity: Europe going forward”.

Warsztaty odbędą się 1 lutego br. , a organizowane są we współpracy z grupą roboczą (WG) NetworldEurope SME i European DIGITAL SME Alliance.

COREnect to europejskie konsorcjum utworzone w celu opracowania strategicznej mapy drogowej 5G oraz przyszłych europejskich systemów i komponentów łączności.

Więcej informacji o warsztatach (w tym rejestracja) na stronie: 

Agenda spotkania:

PART 1: 09:30 AM – 12:30 PM CET

  • Welcome Yaning Zou, TUD, COREnect Project Manager and Moderator of the workshop (5 mn)

  • The Importance of Microelectronics and Connectivity for Europe Marco Ceccarelli, EC/DG CNECT (15 mn)

  • IPCEI 2 Goals and StatusNicolas Gouze, VDI-VDE/IT, on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, supported by its funding agency VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH (15 mn)

    Q&A (15 mn)

  • Connectivity-related Topics in the ECS SRIAPatrick Cogez, AENEAS (15 mn)

  • Microelectronics-related Topics in the SNS SRIA Alex Kaloxylos, 6G IA (15 mn)

    Q&A 10 (mn)

    Coffee break (10 mn)

  • Hexa-X 6G Vision/Use Cases/ KPIs/KVIsMikko Uusitalo, Nokia (15 mn)

  • General Introduction to the COREnect RoadmapBjorn Debaillie, imec (10 mn)

  • Results from COREnect Expert Group 1 “Compute & Store” Gerhard Fettweis, TUD, EG1 Chair (15 mn)

  • Results from COREnect Expert Group 2 “Connect & Communicate” Piet Wambacq, imec, EG2 Chair (15 mn)

  • Results from COREnect Expert Group 3 “Sense & Power” Manuela Neyer, Infineon, EG3 Chair (15 mn)

    Q&A (15 mn)

PART 2: 13:30 – 17:00 CET

  • Opportunity for SMEs around Microelectronics and Connectivity

    • 5G and beyond: sparking a Cambrian explosion in the IT ecosystem  Werner Haas, Cyberus (10 mn)

    • Showcasing the power of 5G devices for professional content production: the 5G-RECORDS approach Manuel Fuentes, Fivecomm (10 mn)

    • Acceleration for 5G infrastructure and edge computing Benoit De Dinechin, Kalray (10 mn)

    • Electronic and photonic novel key-enablers in the 5G-PHOS network architecture (Paul van Dijk, LioniX International) (10 mn)

  • Keynote: Extending Digital Sovereignty to 6G: a Hardware PerspectiveSebastiano Bertani, Tanaza, European DIGITAL SME Alliance (20 mn)

    Q&A (10 mn)

    Coffee break (10 mn)

  • COREnect Strategy/Vision: White Paper and Initial Analysis on Investment Requirements  Fredrik Tillman, Ericsson, and Patrick Pype, NXP (20 mn)

  • SMEs in the Microelectronics and Connectivity Ecosystem – Initial Recommendations Jacques Magen, AUSTRALO, NetworldEurope SME WG Chair (10 mn)

  • Panel: “Connectivity and Microelectronics, the twin foundations of European digital sovereignty and economy” –includes Q&A with all participants (90 mn)

    Moderator: Gerhard Fettweis (TUD, COREnect Project Coordinator); participants: Mohand Achouche (Nokia), Frederic Gianesello (STMicroelectronics), Frank Hofmann (Bosch), Werner Haas (Cyberus), Benoit De Dinechin (Kalray), Kari Leino (Business Finland), Bernard Barani (EC/DG CNECT).

    • What are the major challenges Europe facing right now in the microelectronics and connectivity domains? Is the trend of disaggregation and ORAN a friend or foe?

    • How should Europe act and what would be the roles of different stakeholders, e.g., large industry, SMEs, RTOs, academia, public authority? What would be the required investment and conditions?

    • Is this domain an opportunity for European SMEs, and how? If so, what should be done to support SMEs?

    • What are the conditions for the emergence of one or more “European champions” in the field?

      *** Closing date for registration: 31st of January, at 11:00 AM CET.

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