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SFS-16-2015 – Tackling malnutrition in the elderly – University of Insubria in Varese (Italy)

As a research group including University of Insubria in Varese (Italy), Department of Biotechnology and Life Sciences, Local Health Authority of Varese (ASL Varese), already in consortium in a research cluster including other Italian research groups, we are interested in participating within a European Consortium eligible to submit a research project to the call
SFS-16-2015 – Tackling malnutrition in the elderly (see attached).

Our skills and interests may be resumed as:
– physiopathological assessment in the population,
– screening on elderly population to individuate early indicators of colorectal cancer,
– agri-food production with special interest on the sources of EPA and DHA,
– aquaculture products and quality improvement through fish feed manipulation,
– molecular analyses of genes response to nutritional factors (nutrigenomic approach), including trancriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics,
– epigenetic (molecular) approach,
– human and animal models (fish, rabbit, mice),
– in vitro models,
– gut microbiota and microbiome,
– nutraceuticals (SCFAs) and associations/interaction with the diet components,
– dietology, food preparation and assessment of the feed back.


Rossella Maresca
Direzione Sanitaria
Asl della Provincia di Varese
Via O.Rossi, 9 – 21100 Varese
Tel. 0332/277429 Fax. 0332/277413

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