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Firma SYNYO zainteresowana współpracą w projektach wykorzystujących ICT

SYNYO GmbH, a leading SME based in Vienna, Austria, is currently looking to partner with organizations on inventive proposals under H2020 and other international funding schemes. We are an independent research, innovation and technology hub, that explores, develops and implements novel technologies to tackle business and societal challenges. Concentrating on research at the intersection of ICT & Society, the interdisciplinary team at SYNYO is specialized in various fields such as System Design, Software Engineering, Data Processing as well as Interdisciplinary Research and Tech-based Analyses.

SYNYO Corporate Profile for distribution towards H2020 project deployment:

Our motivated team of academics specializes in researching and engineering novel ICT-based solutions that address key societal issues, in the fields of Data Analytics & Information Visualisation, Social Software & Smart Applications, Ambient Assisted Living, and Future Technologies. In addition, SYNYO has vast experience in all project management actions, including timely dissemination activities. We are currently coordinating three European research projects (FP7, UrbanEurope) OpenDataMonitor, Graffolution and UrbanData2Decide and are already engaged in H2020 projects. Furthermore, we are coordinating two national-level health care related projects, TAALXONOMY and SmartCareBase, in the areas of Ambient Assisted Living and Integrated Care, and leading a security-themed project called Social Media Crime.

SYNYO aims to actively contribute as a social sciences research and ICT development partner in novel project proposals addressing current societal challenges.


Big Data Analytics & Information Visualisation SYNYO specializes in the design and implementation of interactive platforms that aggregate big and openly available data from various disciplines and sources. With vast expertise in informatics and data structures, SYNYO delivers sophisticated data analytical tools using high end technologies (e.g. Hadoop, Hbase) for researchers, businesses, policy makers and society as a whole. SYNYO highlights the use of creative and intuitive visualisations of content analytics for decision support.

Social Software & Smart Applications In general SYNYO is experienced in the implementation of novel social software solutions and Smart Web Applications using the newest frameworks (Yii, Laravel, Symfony, Zend, Django) as well as mobile apps (iOS & Android) with a focus on responsive design and high user experience. Besides the development of customized applications completely from scratch, we also customise established CMS solutions to the specific needs of our partners.

Interdisciplinary Research and Tech-based Analyses SYNYO is involved in research tasks like stakeholder studies, structured surveys, best practice studies, requirement analyses or sociotechnical evaluations throughout various projects and has proficiencies in qualitative and qualitative research methods. SYNYO hosts its own research tools to generate structured online questionnaires to run complex surveys for research projects.


E-Health & Integrated Care Due to inevitable demographic developments, dignified ageing and care giving will become an ever more relevant topic in the long-term future with large-scale social implications. In this respect, SYNYO has developed powerful resources in the form of open knowledge portals to empower the elderly with the help of ambient assisted living systems to continue an autonomous, healthy and safe life. SYNYO has focused on in-depth research on structured categorization and comparability of the abundance of innovative ICT-based products and services in the field of Ambient Assisted Living and integrated care.

Security & Urban Governance At SYNYO, security and urban governance research combine a participatory approach to social research with targeted technological implementation. SYNYO is strongly versed in exploiting the capacities of social media and big data analytics for serving security and community governance. With expertise in criminology and technological sociology, SYNYO also concentrates on developing collaborative web platforms providing strategic foresight and proactive management for law enforcement agencies.

Smart Cities & Digital Future The data infrastructures of urban transport, energy and water networks are critical and vital components of the dynamic systems of cities. SYNYO sees the future challenges of smart cities as an opportunity for the development and implementation of a variety of new and innovative potentials that will not only increase the quality of life, but also enable resource efficiency, and sustainable economic growth. SYNYO is pushing forward the societal uptake of modern ICT-based solutions in the fields of transportation, and intelligent mobility.

For research and project highlights see:


Additionally, the SYNYO team can offer services for a successful research project setup and implementation including:

– Project coordination & management

– State-of-the-art research  & analysis

– Report generation & exploitation plans

– Software engineering & framework development

– Social media awareness (e.g. @OpenDataMonitor Twitter channel)

– Project websites (e.g. OpenDataMonitor website)

– Platform development (e.gOpenDataMonitor  Alpha release)

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