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Start your adventure with Horizon – webinar

Data i czas:
31/03/2020  15:00 - 16:45
Inny, NMP TeAM

NMP TeAm invites to the workshop Start Your Adventure with Horizon.

If you want to learn the first steps of the EU framework programmes applications, or you want to increase the understanding how to maximize your chances, the event is just for you. Skilled experts serving as National Contact Points for Horizon 2020 and FP7, Martina De Sole (Italy), Marta Candeias (Portugal) and Jaroslaw Piekarski (Poland), will explain the rules for entering the game of Horizon 2020 and its successor, Horizon Europe and will discuss the tips and tricks of successful participation.

The event is free of charge for participants, and will take place online.

About Organizer


Please be advised that the limit of participants has been reached and the registration has been closed.

About Organizer

NMP TeAm 4 is a Horizon 2020 project which supports and coordinates activities of the network of National Contact Points in the Industrial Leadership KET Part (Nanotechnologies, advanced Materials and advanced Manufacturing and Processing) of the HORIZON 2020 Framework Programme.

NMP NCP Network is the main source of practical information and individual assistance in participation in the Industrial Leadership KET Part (NMBP) of the HORIZON 2020. The network consists of National Contact Points (NCPs) from all 28 EU member states and H2020 associated states as well as NMP third country contacts.

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