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Open environment for youth learning and entrepreneurship based on modern IT and business models (Ideal-ist Partner Search)

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Proposal Outline:
Proposal outline: 
Development of the Open environment for youth learning and entrepreneurship will allow to join efforts of ICT and business experts for assisting the youth in getting new skills and participation in joint projects.
Objectives (state-of-the-art / innovation):
There is a lack of sufficient collaboration with entrepreneurial stakeholders in teaching and students practice, and a lack of inter-generational learning.
Open environment  will allow to address the issue of teaching youth creativity, innovation capacity, problem solving skills, skills related to effective teamwork and sharing knowledge
Open environment will boost innovation and entrepreneurship capacity, bringing together many stakeholders from education, business and NGO sector. The knowledge generated as a result of the actions will be available to wide youth audience.
Required skills and expertise of partner(s):
Modern pedagogical theory and practice of teaching innovation
Programming and Web Design
Theory and practice of distance and mobile learning
Distance learning
Mobile learning
Web 2.0 learning systems and solutions
Description of work to be carried out by the partner(s) sought:
Implementation of innovative teaching/learning technology
Web development
Learning content development
LMS MOODLE courses development
Type of partner(s) sought:
Universities, schools
Small business
Phone: +38(096)269-26-65
Organisation: NGO “Ukrainian forum for distance and mobile learning”
Department: Non-commercial association
Type of Organisation: Non Profit Organization
Country: Ukraine

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