Komisja Europejska otworzyła 3 konkursy w obszarze „Inteligentny, zielony i zintegrowany transport”.

Konkurs GREEN VEHICLES podzielony jest na 4 tematy:

  1. Technologies for low emission light duty powertrains
  2. System and cost optimised hybridisation of road vehicles
  3. Stimulating European research and development for the implementation of future road transport technologies
  4. ERA-NET Co-fund on electromobility

Termin składania wniosków we wszystkich 4 tematach upływa 26 stycznia 2016. Składanie wniosków odbywa się w jednym etapie.

W konkursie AUTOMATED ROAD TRANSPORT są 4 tematy:

  1. Automation pilots for passenger cars (2-etapowy)
  2. Safety and end-user acceptance aspects of road automation in the transition period (2-etapowy)
  3. Road infrastructure to support the transition to automation and the coexistence of conventional and automated vehicles on the same network (2-etapowy)
  4. Coordination of activities in support of road automation

Oraz w konkursie MOBILITY FOR GROWTH aż 20 tematów:

  1. Reducing energy consumption and environmental impact of aviation (2-etapowy)
  2. Breakthrough innovation (2-etapowy)
  3. Identification of gaps, barriers and needs in the aviation research
  4. Development, production and use of high performance and lightweight materials for vessels and equipment (2-etapowy)
  5. New and improved transport concepts in waterborne transport (2-etapowy)
  6. Addressing aviation safety challenges
  7. Safer waterborne transport and maritime operations (2-etapowy)
  8. Transport infrastructure innovation to increase the transport system safety at modal and intermodal level (including nodes and interchanges) (2-etapowy)
  9. Behavioural aspects for safer transport (2-etapowy)
  10. Euro-African initiative on road safety and traffic management
  11. Facilitating public procurement of innovative sustainable transport and mobility solutions in urban areas
  12. New ways of supporting development and implementation of neighbourhood-level and urban-district-level transport innovations (2-etapowy)
  13. Networked and efficient logistics clusters (2-etapowy)
  14. Promoting the deployment of green transport, towards Eco-labels for logistics
  15. Innovative concepts, systems and services towards ‚mobility as a service(2-etapowy)
  16. Large-scale demonstration(s) of cooperative ITS (2-etapowy)
  17. Roadmap, new business models, awareness raising, support and incentives for the roll-out of ITS
  18. Research, technology development and market trends for the European transport manufacturing industries
  19. Assessing future requirements for skills and jobs across transport modes and systems
  20. Innovation awards for students and researchers in the context of the Transport Research Arena conference – TRA 2018

W większości tematów w konkursach Automated Road Transport oraz Mobility for Growth składanie wniosków odbywa się w dwóch etapach – są dwa terminy składania wniosków. W pierwszym etapie (do 20 stycznia 2016 r.) składa się tylko kilkustronicowy opis projektu, natomiast pełny wniosek projektowy składa się w drugim etapie, czyli do 29 września 2016 r.

Termin składania wniosków w tematach jednoetapowych upływa 26 stycznia 2016 r.

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