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The NUGENIA Forum 2019

Data i czas:
13/03/2019 - 15/03/2019

The NUGENIA Forum 2019 will be held on 13 to 15 March 2019 at the Cité Universitaire of Paris, France. It will be devoted to discussions on the technical and scientific milestones to be tackled to ensure competitive, efficient and safe production of low CO2 electricity from GEN II, GEN III and SMR water-cooled nuclear power plants.

Technological innovation is fundamental to maintain a high level of safety and competitiveness and requires the establishment of a well-coordinated R&D&I programme at the European level, in close collaboration with international partners.

The Forum 2019 aims at discussing and analysing recent technological innovations in the field of manufacturing, digital technology and safety approaches that would lead to propose R & D and innovation priorities. The main topics to be discussed are:

• Improved safety: Safety is a priority for the nuclear industry and must lead to the establishment of safety standards. In order to reconcile the development of safer and more competitive European reactors, ambitious R & D programs are also needed to optimize particularly passive systems or new nuclear fuels (EATF) that are more resistant to accidental situations.
• Hazards & Environment: For power plants in operation, we must continue to share R & D programs in the areas of accidents and hazards such as earthquakes, fire or severe accidents but also on methodological approaches such as Probabilistic Studies. The programme shall strengthen the construction of a pan-European network of experimental infrastructures.
• Digital Transition: The digital transformation of the industry is a reality and nuclear energy is part of this underlying trend. Therefore, it is essential to build a European digital integration bench in order to achieve a digital twin such as a Digital Nuclear Reactor. Concerted R&D&I work is essential to make progress in terms of multi-physics modelling and simulation (High Performance Computing), data analysis (Data Analytics), visualization (eg Virtual Reality), advanced instrumentation (eg IOT) and (I&C).
• Components manufacturing and Civil Engineering: The acceleration of the transfer to the nuclear industry of emerging technologies in the field of additive manufacturing or civil engineering will become effective only through the implementation of applied research programmes based on the construction of demonstration prototypes.
• Decommissioning and dismantling: Safety concerns all phases of the life of a nuclear installation. Decommissioning is an area on which Europe must make progress in terms of research and standards. A decommissioning R & D programme will enable to master the end of the nuclear installations cycle and also to position the European industry in this growing sector.
• Innovation and Competitiveness of Nuclear: In conjunction with the deployment of renewable energies, the production of nuclear electricity is one of the flexible solutions to meet the challenges of climate change. In addition to the in-operation nuclear power reactors, Europe needs to broaden the available offer to meet national specificities. The development of SMR (Small Modular Reactors) is a possible way for Europe.

For each of these topics, experts will be invited to present their views and to propose new collaborative project ideas to be presented in dedicated sessions.

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