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EU Marketplace for eHealth and EIP on Active and Healthy Ageing

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22/09/2014  00:00 - 00:00
to be announced shortly - it is expected to be hosted in a European Commission building in Brussels.

The EU Marketplace for eHealth & EIP on Active and Healthy Ageing will run on Monday 22 September, as a part of the “Growing the Silver Economy in Europe” event on Tuesday 23 September in Brussels.

ECHAlliance will partner with the European Commission, the AAL Programme (Ambient Assisted Living) and AGE Platform Europe to bring you this dynamic marketplace event in cooperation with DG Connect and DG Sanco.

Following the eHealth Forum in Athens (May 2014), the ECHAlliance is pleased to collaborate again with the European Commission around the EIP AHA Action Groups, Reference Sites and the ECHAlliance International Network of Ecosystems to enhance implementation and scale-up of Connected Health innovative solutions across Europe.

The objective is to provide a platform for all stakeholders in connected health and EIP AHA actors to meet, share best practices and develop effective collaborations leading to new projects and business opportunities. The event will provide a platform for the exchange of information between procurers and potential suppliers, and will support the internationalisation of SMEs and the identification of market opportunities.

This event is supported by the EU’s ‘GET’ project – Global eHealth Transforming Services.

  • The ‘GET Global‘ service aims to support mature SMEs and entrepreneurs to access international markets by providing opportunities to meet potential foreign buyers and partners, as well as increasing their understanding of different markets
  • The ‘Fill the Gap‘ service aims to identify unmet needs and challenges in Health that can be solved with the support of digital actors. It follows a demand-driven approach that highlights business opportunities from the people that directly work on the problems.
  • Cost – there is no event fee for attending but places are limited.
  • Venue – to be announced shortly – it is expected to be hosted in a European Commission building in Brussels.
  • Registration – you can find the registration link here.

Julien Venne is available to answer your questions: / mobile +34 625 233 416


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