The Department of Drug Science and Technology  of the University of Turin (Italy) and the Lab of Cancer Genomics of Fondazione Edo ed Elvo Tempia, is looking for partners interested either in considering our research project called „CRPCcare” or in including our teams inside a growing consortium for IMI2 call 10.

CRPCcare is research programme focused on AKR1C3, an enzyme that plays a pivotal role in androgen biosynthesis with implication in the development of Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer (CRPC). The project is directed to the use of AKR1C3 as therapeutic target within a personalized treatment and as biomarker for early diagnosis of recurrent PCa. The project has been already proposed inside the Hack#UniTo for Ageing platform, a powerful UniTO tool specifically dedicated to interconnect academic researches, research stakeholders and impact investors involved inside ageing topics.

On the Italian side, CRPCcare brings together two academic teams from the Universities of Torino and L’Aquila, an Institute for Research and Care, a private Foundation, both involved in the Oncology field, and a SME. The Italian academic teams have skills in structural biologymedicinal chemistryin silico structural investigationpharmacology (Department of Drug Science and Technology, University of Turin) and preclinical models (University of L’Aquila). The Prostate Unit of the Institute for Research and Care of Candiolo (Turin) is composed by pathologists, radiologists, nuclear medicine specialists, urologists, radiation oncologists and medical oncologists who work together to better manage prostate cancer disease. The Lab of Cancer Genomics of Fondazione Edo ed Elvo Tempia (Biella) has a strong expertise in gene expression and microRNA profiling of prostate cancer tissue and of prostate cancer cells treated with drugs, but also in biomarker discovery for non invasive detection of prostate cancer and in the management of big molecular data on prostate cancer. beenext s.r.l. is a SME focused on drug design involved in the design of early preclinical candidates and in their market translation.


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