Doświadczone w uczestnictwie w projektach UE, włoskie miasto metropolitalne Turyn jest zainteresowane nawiązaniem współpracy z jednostkami z Polski w celu złożenia wspólnego wniosku do konkursu RUR-09-2017: Business models for modern rural economies.

As regards competences, its strategic mission is to be a driver for economic-social development for urban and rural areas, capable of interpreting the new needs of the economy and society, manage flows and networks, and launch high-impact projects to promote the standing of Italian metropolitan areas within the network of global cities. The Metropolitan city is therefore a “governing tool” that can coordinate with individual municipalities within the metropolitan area, surrounding areas, regions and the national government, in order to program and plan within a vast area.

It has specific competencies in the following areas:

  • strategic and general planning;
  • territorial planning, including spatial planning and land-use planning;
  • environment, including environmental protection, disaster prevention, pollution, fauna and flora protection, natural reserves and parks, water refuse;
  • supra-municipal roads and traffic;
  • transports;
  • data collection and analysis;
  • ICTs and digitization;
  • technical and
    administrative assistance for municipalities;
  • civil protection;

Ekspertyza i szczegóły oferty

Mr Mario LUPO
Economic development and local cooperation Office Director – Tel +39 011 861 7318

Mrs Claudia FASSERO
Economic development and local cooperation Office – EU Projects’ Expert – Tel +39 011 861 7709


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