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Distributed Electric Propulsion for VTOL aircraft (Ideal-ist Partner Search)

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Call Identifier: 2017 Mobility for Growth
Evaluation Scheme: Two stage (first stage)
Closure Date: 26/01/2017
Proposal Outline:

The new Distributed Electric Propulsion – DEP uses a revolutionary design, generating lift within a relatively small body by employing a unique combination of lifting surfaces. This is primarily because it allows the creation of an extremely compact aerial vehicle which has Vertical Takeoff and Landing capabilities and high lifting efficiencies. DEP as a rotorless drag-reducing propulsion system can be deployed in a versatile hover-capable flying aircraft to lift heavy loads efficiently. Scalable with a combination of stable overlapping flight roles and modes from horizontal take-off through assisted low speed and stationary hover through to high speed winged flight and back. DEP mainly employs a multiple ducted fan arrangement and new ducted fan configuration creating a very efficient air distribution

This innovative DEP concept allows building some aircraft configurations that are also news. As a pilotless drone or replacement for ageing S/VTOL airframes, this multi-role propulsion system and application provides enhanced operational versatility, stability, scalability, handling, fuel-efficiency, payload capacity, performance, reduced noise and increased safety potential. Other benefits are simplified mechanical construction over helicopter with multiple-redundant array of engines with independent throttling for directional thrust, feathering on failure and controlled vertical cushion decay to produce a soft landing. Blade-shedding will not cause catastrophic power-loss from multi-engined array

Required skills and expertise of partner(s):

R&D, design, simulation and testing in aerospace field; Aircraft/rotorcraft industry; Aircraft egineering; Aircraft marketing; H2020 proposal design/ dissemination of  results; Innovative incubation.

Description of work to be carried out by the partner(s) sought:

Phase 1 – Initial Concept Evaluation and Feasibility Assessment
Phase 2 – Detail Design, Simulation & Analysis
Phase 3 – Procurement, Build & Testing prototype
Phase 4 – Marketing Study for Further Development
Phase 5 – Dissemination of the Project Results

Type of partner(s) sought:

Aircraft / rotorcraft / UAS manufacturers,  R&D  centres aircraft / rotorcraft; Design / testing centres aircraft / rotorcraf,  Universities; Government or local agency; Aircraft marketing company; Innovation incubator.

Are you looking for a Coordinator for your proposal?:
Organisation: Powertrain Technologies
Department: Engineering
Type of Organisation: Consultancy
Country: Romania

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