National Space Centre (IRELAND) Ltd. is looking to explore potential project partnerships in the area of Space, Security and Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Horizon 2020 programme.

National Space Centre’s core areas of competency include:

  • Ground Station Operations, earth station hosting and hub management, support to satellite in-orbit test, calibration and validation
  • Support to scientific, earth observation and telecommunication missions and projects
  • Application and prototype development and integration
  • Secure data server hosting services, including installation and maintenance, and data dissemination
  • Data storage tailored solutions for server based applications and networks
  • Storage for video or data with flexible delivery and extensive distribution options
  • Project Management
  • Radio Astronomy deep space radio telescope interferometer
  • IP and Television broadcast and multicast facilities
  • Government department closed communication network management

Experience of National Space Centre Limited

On Site facilities include:

  • 32m C band antenna
  • 13.1m Ku band antenna
  • 11m C band antenna
  • 9.1m Ka band antenna
  • Fully redundant Gigabit Ethernet fiber optic data links

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