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Data/Czas / Date/Time: 29/11/2017


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Rodzaj wydarzenia / Type of event:

Organizator / Organizer: Komisja Europejska

The European Commission is inviting interested stakeholders to discuss aspects and practices of the accessibility of websites and mobile applications.

The workshop aims to gather the views of stakeholders on aspects and practices of the accessibility of websites and mobile applications.

Organisations representing the interests of persons with disabilities and of the elderly, social partners, industry involved in the creation of accessibility software relating to websites and mobile applications, and civil society are invited in particular.

Participants attend at their own expense.

You can download the agenda of the meeting (Word file)

Time of workshop: 29 November 2017 14:00-17:00

Registration details

The invitation is open to all relevant stakeholders, however as the room capacity is limited, you must register  your participation. If you have any problems with the registration interface, please register by sending an e-mail by 24 November.

In case of registering via e-mail, please find the list of data necessary for the registration at the end of the invitation.

Registration is open until 24 November 2017.

Please indicate in your registration as soon as possible if you need sign language interpretation, or any other special assistance.

Background information

The Web Accessibility Directive, aiming to make the websites and mobile apps of public sector bodies more accessible entered into force on 22 December 2016.

In order to ensure the proper implementation of the Directive, the European Commission (EC) will adopt four implementing acts by 23 December 2018, establishing:

  • a model accessibility statement;
  • the technical specifications for the accessibility of the content of mobile applications;
  • a methodology for monitoring the conformity of websites and mobile applications with the accessibility requirements (set out in the Directive); and
  • the arrangements for reporting by Member States to the EC.

For the purpose of developing the implementing acts, the EC  has commissioned a number of studies giving recommendations on relevant subjects (e.g. the study on “Monitoring methodologies for web-accessibility in the European Union and the ongoing  benchmark study on „Implementation of the Web Accessibility Directive – monitoring, reporting and evaluation”).

In addition, an Expert Group (WADex) composed of governmental experts and a sub-group of non-governmental experts was set up. The sub-group has the task to come up with specific recommendations.

The objective of this workshop is for relevant stakeholders to give their views in particular, on accessibility statements, monitoring of web accessibility and sharing results of monitoring for a wider use and analysis, mobile accessibility and monitoring of accessibility of mobile applications.

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