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Infoday for the photonics 2019 calls

Data i czas:
18/01/2019  00:00 - 00:00
Meeting room: 0/S1
Inny, EC

An information day to brief potential proposers is organised in Brussels on January 18, 2019.
The session will take place from 9:00 to 12:30.

Two calls for research proposals with an overall budget of EUR 75 million euros:

ict-03-2019 “Photonics Manufacturing Pilot Lines for Photonic Components and Devices” and

ict-05-2019c “Application driven photonics components”

The topics cover a wide range of fields, from biophotonics to PICs and photonics sensors, with IA, RIA and CSA type projects. Moreover, complementing the 5 ones already in place, two new pilot lines are called for in Next Generation Freeform Optics and Advanced Optical Medical Device Technologies for medical diagnostics.

During the morning, programme officers from Unit A4 will present the specificities of the the topics and lessons learnt from previous calls, with special attention  devoted to answer questions from the audience.

The programme foresees also a pitching session (3 minutes, 2 slides each presentars) for prospective proposers.

Please consider that we will not welcome consultants or presentations without a specific focus on future proposals.

The deadline for registration is 13 January 2019. The number of places is limited.

European Commission
BU25 0/S1
Avenue de Beaulieu 25,
1160 Brussels, Belgium
Meeting room: 0/S1

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