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Data/Czas / Date/Time: 19/09/2017

Miejsce / Place: Doga sala: ---

Kategorie tematyczne / Thematic categories:

Rodzaj wydarzenia / Type of event: Brokerage

Organizator / Organizer: Innovation Norway

Współorganizator / Co-organizer: Enterprise Europe Network

Find project partners for future projects – join B2B matchmaking in Oslo 

One-day event to present latest policy news and introduce relevant forthcoming calls for proposals in the H2020 programme.

Case studies from successful H2020 projects.

The matchmaking event to meet international business partners, technology suppliers, potential clients and researchers.


Main conference topics:

  • waste management and recycling
  • soil remediation
  • water and wastewater treatment
  • bioenergy and biofuel
  • bioplastics

Additional information can be obtained from:

Tone Varslot Stave

Frauke Muth

The event is free of charge.


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