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Data/Czas / Date/Time: 06/02/2017 - 08/02/2017

Miejsce / Place: Jury's Inn Croydon Hotel sala: conference room

Kategorie tematyczne / Thematic categories:

Rodzaj wydarzenia / Type of event: Konferencja

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Many countries are currently constructing or are in the planning/designing stage of building nuclear power plants. This is primarily to move away from the depleting fossil fuel and in an attempt tocombat climate change. However, design construction and operation of these structures poses particularchallenge with respect to handling radioactive material. The conference aims to bring together researchers, practitioners to address the structural analysis design, risk analysis and decommissioning technologies employed in the nuclear power plant. This will involve advanced analysis both for strength and load model in order to establish safety level. Probabilities and risk analysis form the basis for the safety of Nuclear Power Plant, the analysis dictate the chances for the reactor in failing in incidents of natural or external incidents. Removal and closure of a plant is also pivotal to the face of Nuclear Energy, in giving confidence to the public. This conference presents the perfect opportunity for you, as it aims to provide an ideal platform for industry leading researchers, technology developers, industrial players and supply chain partners to converge.

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