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On behalf of Composting Technologies Ltd, the developers of ECOBOT, an outdoors fully automated domestic composter. They are looking to expand its reach and target more territories, focusing on Europe.

With this aim, ECOBOT will need to be further enhanced and be prepared to meet the European market needs and conditions. Therefore, they are looking for additional partners to collaborate with, namely to assist in the production, standardisation, distribution, marketing & sales, as well as field trial implementations in various regions in Europe. The collaboration intends to get financial support from the European Union under H2020 programme for research and innovation, under the coming FTI call (deadline 25/10/2016).

Partner expertise should be manufacturing and/or distributing of garden power tools or outdoor appliances, and such that are capable of hosting and running medium-scale field trials.
Your country is strong market candidate for home composting, and we believe that you are in contact with local players as well as European ones. Could I kindly ask for assistance is partner search to complete our consortium? Please feel free to pass this message to anyone whom you might think is relevant. More precise and detailed information can be provided upon request.


Yoram Lev-YehudiBeacon Tech Ltd.Tel: +972 8 9100 710 (x401)Fax: +972 8 9100 713     Mob: +972 52 521

Polish SME is looking for partners to complete a proposal under the Fast Track to Innovation scheme.
The project is aimed to bring to the market an advance and innovative vehicle with a manual drive for moving for physically impaired.
Deadline for the call: 1 June 2016

You can find further information here:  Request for partnership_FTI_Torwqway 2016.02.09
More information –

Deadline for EOIs: 19 February 2016